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Helping physicians and surgeons make better decisions faster

Our technology is practical and provides a substantial benefit to the surgical team

We can identify where the blood vessels are in 3D space and use virtual 3D arrows to guide the surgeon. Currently, data preparation is a time consuming process, but in the future much of this could be automated, with the consultant radiologist checking the accuracy of the model against the original scan

Dr Amiras, Consultant Radiologist

As minimal invasive surgery reduces post-operative pain and offers faster recovery, many surgeons are now operating in their own clinics. The rising number of physician-owned ambulatory surgical centers is accelerating market growth.

Our first adopters are disruptors providing a great service for the rest of their industry. They are lowering barriers of entry to the technology and encourage everyone to find their own strategic use cases.

Our adopters are first in their sector, benefitting by gaining a strong base of knowledge, technology, mind-share and market share around them that makes it difficult for later adopters to compete with.

Easy, affordable and intuitive visualisations

Disruptive innovators

First adopter advantage

Miami Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Ranked 11 of top 20 US Paediatric hospitals

Medical iSight delivers an intelligent adaptive interface for NCH's neurosurgeons

One of NCH's specialties is to treat epilepsy. To continue delivering the best possible care, their neurosurgeons require instant access to compare patients notes across large data sets. Simultaneously, they are able to access journal articles, MRI scans, and EEGs - all in real time, in a format (either 2D or 3D), on any device, that is easy to use and exquisitely designed.


Patient data search engine completed initial 6 patients datasets, with next milestone underway for 600, with 60,000 thereafter, demonstrating scalability of the Medical iSight software.

The next step in the contract is to integrate the Medical iSight surgical visualization, such that information flows seamlessly and immediately between the patient browser and the 3D holographic display.

St Mary’s Hospital,

Reconstructive Surgery

The major acute hospital for north west London 

A team from Imperial College London who are developing Medical iSight's technology are converting static images into dynamic Extended Reality for complex surgeries

In six key use cases at St Mary's in London, the software has already been used in reconstructive surgeries on patients who had suffered severe injuries, rendering high resolution displays of complex 2D and 3D graphics in 1/120th of a second providing surgeons with a real-time 3D interactive perspective of the inside of the patient, in ways that had not been previously possible.

Surgeons reported:

  • Improved operational capacity

  • Increased speed of procedures, reducing patient stress and is expected to show improved outcomes through better recovery times

  • Potential to deliver cost savings by increasing operating theatre throughput.

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