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COVID-19 Initiative

Mixed reality headsets are helping medics treat people infected with coronavirus.

The technology has cut down the demand for PPE.


COVID-19 Initiative

Medical iSight supports Microsoft and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust initiative to help protect doctors while providing patient care amidst coronavirus pandemic


COVID-19 Initiative

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust uses Microsoft HoloLens to protect doctors while providing patient care amid coronavirus pandemic

The Economist

What will be the biggest stories of 2019 | Number 5: Augmented Reality Surgery  

Source: The Economist

Research Paper

European Radiology Experimental

Through the HoloLensTM looking glass: Augmented reality for extremity reconstruction surgery using 3D vascular models with perforating vessels*

*This paper, which features in the following publications, was written by the team at Imperial College London who pioneered the use of Extended Reality in surgery. Members of that same team are now engaged at Medical iSight to deliver the next generation of surgical guidance software.

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