Instinctive 3D visualization and guidance software for surgical procedures


Medical iSight creates ground-breaking, instinctive 3D visualization and surgical guidance software. Surgeons are given enhanced abilities to look inside patients and visualize their blood vessels, bones and internal organs, from optimal vantage points.

This Extended Reality, which embraces both ‘mixed’ and ‘augmented’ reality, offers surgeons an unparalleled, immersive experience in which real and virtual elements of an environment co-exist intuitively.


When time is of the essence, it is the immediacy of Medical iSight’s  Extended Reality that allows critical AI reasoning, skills and surgical expertise to merge in the moment.


Medical iSight Covid-19 Initiative for the NHS

The rise of robo-doc: How augmented reality helps treat covid-19 patientsEconomist Radio Podcasts

Medical iSight’s technical expertise is being called upon to support the Microsoft initiative protecting doctors and nurses at Imperial College NHS Trust.  


Mixed reality headsets are being deployed on the front line to help medics treat patients  infected with coronavirus. 


The technology is also reducing PPE usage.






Senior Lecturer and

Consultant Surgeon,

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London

Medical iSight has transformed the efficiency of my clinical work. Heads up data displays, real-time visual communication with colleagues at the bedside and anatomical visualization,  provides me with a 3D “GPS-like” vision inside the patient’s body. The potential impact for reducing operating times will be significant, maybe as much as 30 - 50%. In today’s COVID-19 environment, it keeps both me and my patients safe, and it is the future for digital healthcare.





Associate Professor, Gastroenterology

Mount Sinai Hospital, NY

There is a real potential to impact some of our complex ERCP procedures, and really improve outcomes.  I would be excited to apply your technology to the various clinical applications at

Mount Sinai.




Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

NYU Langone Health

Medical iSight software integrating 3D imaging with informatics is a novel addition to precision surgery for complex orthopaedic procedures. It will create a significant value proposition for surgeons from pre to post-operative assessments. Accuracy, speed and dynamic tracking with powerful visualization in extended reality will allow me to see the exact shape of the bones and execute precise and efficient placement of finders.