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Precision software driving the future of surgery 

Medical iSight is building an Extended Reality software platform for minimally invasive surgical procedures 





Crystal clear 3D anatomy, intuitively delivered

Tool tracking within 0.5mm accuracy

Real-time, image-based guidance

Delivering Surgical Clarity

XRAI creates ground-breaking 3D visualisation and guidance software for surgeons performing complex vascular procedures. Interventionalists are given access to new and vital patient data in real time, providing understanding and insight for successful procedures. 


XRAI has numerous applications in a variety of medical disciplines. The initial focus is Stroke, the second leading cause of disability and the fourth leading cause of death worldwide. We are working with leading neuro-interventionalists to enhance the highly effective but extremely challenging Mechanical Thrombectomy procedure which retrieves blood clots from vessels in the brain that cause a stroke. 

We believe XRAI will reduce adverse surgical events, improve theatre time by at least 30% and significantly reduce the cognitive load for surgeons.

Delivers better outcomes for the patient

Improves throughput in the OR

Reduces frequency of adverse events

Giving surgeons improved situational awareness and decision support in the OR

Segmentation, soft tissue deformation & registration algorithms

Kinematic database of surgical techniques

Measurable quality improvement benchmarking

Curation of proprietary data sets develops significant & valuable IP

Tangible Benefits

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