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Market Opportunity

New York Hospitals


London Hospitals


Large Target Addressable Markets

Long Term: Build out on the long tail of stroke

  • Through partnerships with leading strategic medical hospitals eg Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London; NYU Langone and Mt Sinai, NYC - to penetrate other surgical specialties

  • Achieve rapid scale through expansion to their downstream feeder hospitals

Initial focus on interventional neuroradiologists

  • Interventionists are technical buyers with established user communities

  • Eager to try technology that can make their demanding procedures easier

  • Firmly establishes Medical iSight’s credentials for improving apex of difficulty procedures







MiS Milestones

  • 6 patient case series using AR for reconstructive surgery

  • Paper published by Philip Pratt


  • MiS Founded


  • V1 prototype deployed for COVID ward rounds at St Mary’s Hospital, London

  • Professor Kyriakos Lobotesis joins as Clinical co-founder


  • V1 UKCA Mark registered as Class 1 Medical Device

  • Awarded 2 UK Government grants totalling £500,000

  • Agreement with St George’s Hospital for V1 software to be used for Diep Flap reconstructive surgery

  • Paper Published by Martin, Kinross, Pratt on AR use during COVID


  • Award winning BBC 2 documentary "Your Body Uncovered” featuring V1 software

  • 4 specialty collaboration signed with NYU Langone Hospital, NY

  • 1st Procedure, Breast Reconstruction Imperial NHS Trust, London 

  • SAFE and Series A1 closes raising $2.5m

  • Ethics Approval: Oncoplastics Imperial NHS Trust, London


  • 2 patents filed in UK

  • Vice-Admiral Rocky Bono joins as Chief of Surgical Innovation

  • MHRA approval for first in-human neuro trial using AR

  • Agreement signed with Charing Cross Hospital for 50 patient  trial to commence

  • Revenue deal agreed with private screening clinic for visualisation software

  • Ethics Approval achieved: Neuro Imperial NHS Trust, London

  • First Revenue at St George’s University Hospital, London

  • Ethics Approval: GI Imperial NHS Trust, London

  • Awarded £1.3m NIHR Government grant


  • Feasibility Trial Feedback

  • Mount Sinai Collaboration

  • NVIDIA Partnership

  • NYU Langone partnership - Neuro progress

  • Progress and prepare FDA strategy and submission

  • Conference speaker slots

2024 Goals

Investor Presentation

If you are interested in investing, please get in touch to receive further investor information:

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