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Healthcare is changing. Increasingly, medical professionals are turning to technology to accelerate progress. XRAI is one of the most transformative.


It converts data into actionable intelligence by seamlessly blending the direct sensory experience of the real world with the power of the digital world. 


It combines enhanced visibility with timely and context aware information. This enables surgeons to make better informed decisions.

All Seeing Surgery

Delivering Surgical Clarity

Medical iSight's initial focus is neurointervention for stroke patients 

Medical iSight software presents a clear 3D model of the patient's brain that the surgeon views through an augmented reality headset. The tip of the tube or catheter is tracked and highlighted within submillimetre accuracy, enabling safer and quicker procedures. Together with machine learning the software will provide directional guidance to the clinician.

XRAI is enhancing Mechanical Thrombectomy for stroke patients

In the UK, a stroke occurs every 5 minutes. 100,000 people have strokes each year and there are 1.3m Stroke survivors in the UK. The aggregate societal cost of Stroke is £26bn per year, including £8.6bn for NHS and social care.


The majority of Strokes are caused by a clot in the brain. Mechanical Thrombectomy is a highly effective but challenging procedure for clot removal.  A tube is inserted through the groin and pushed through the major blood vessels in the body into the brain. The interventionalist then has to direct  the tube through the complex network of blood vessels to  the location of the clot, grab it and remove it - all the time navigating from a 2D screen situated away from the patient. 


XRAI delivers exactly the right information, in the right format, at exactly the right point in a procedure

Providing image-based guidance reduces the risk of complications, enhances decision making in the OR, increases hospital ROE and improves patient care

  • Software algorithms learn from previous surgical procedures and related specialties

  • Machine Learning provides near-instantaneous inferencing for image segmentation and instrument tracking

Unique Value Proposition
  • Extended Reality display interacts with the surgeon as an expert virtual colleague to deliver better patient outcomes

  • Integrated app Clinical Connect allows other clinicians/students to scrub in virtually for real time remote collaboration


By sharing safety & quality improvement data across the industry, XRAI becomes the “seat belt that saves lives”


Device Agnostic

Microsoft HoloLens

Initial hardware platform of choice

Magic Leap2

More than 18 cameras and sensors

Apple Vision Pro

Application coming soon

Medical iSight provides clinical teams with intuitively clear, spatially registered models of the 3D vessel structure and live biplanar flouroscopic images on our hardware platforms of choice: Magic Leap2, Microsoft HoloLens2 and Apple Vision Pro.

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