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Intuitive decision making for surgeons

The provision of healthcare is one of the cornerstones of modern society. Being able to meet demand is now a key challenge.

Increasingly, medical professionals are turning to technology for solutions. The Medical iSight Extended Reality platform is one of the most transformative. It converts data into actionable intelligence by seamlessly blending the direct sensory experience of the real world with the power of the digital world.

Why Medical iSight?

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Key Partnerships

We have best-in-class technical capability and key clinical partnerships with world-leading hospitals in New York and London

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Revolutionizing Surgery

Together we are working to revolutionize the way in which interventional radiology, orthopedic surgery, colorectal cancer treatments and gastroenterological procedures are undertaken

Improving Outcomes

Our immediate focus is to improve patient outcomes, and increase safety and efficiency during mechanical thrombectomy procedures for acute stroke patients

 Medical iSight provides the clinical team with intuitively clear, spatially registered models of the 3D vessel structure and live biplanar flouroscopic images on our hardware platform of choice, the Microsoft HoloLens.



  • Live streaming of biplanar fluoroscopy for instinctive visualization

  • Automatic registration of pre- and intra-operative imaging

  • Selection of optimal C-arm positions and catheter trajectories

  • Potential to reduce OR time and radiation exposure

  • Multiple HoloLens™ support and remote audiovisual collaboration

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