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Medical iSight to showcase its leading surgical XRAI software at NVIDIA GTC

Medical iSight, the developer of intra-operative XR software (*XRAI™) announced that it will demonstrate its breakthrough technology at the upcoming NVIDIA GTC conference in collaboration with Magic Leap.

Medical iSight has collaborated with Magic Leap and NVIDIA to advance its XRAI real-time intra-operative precision and decision support for minimally invasive treatments of stroke and neurovascular conditions, helping set new boundaries for surgical XR.

Dr Philip Pratt, CTO of Medical iSight, said, “We are delighted to attend GTC as an NVIDIA Inception member, alongside one of our key headset collaborators, Magic Leap. Revealing XRAI, our intra-operative XR software with AI-powered real-time image processing, marks an important moment in our development. We anticipate a productive and rewarding conference.”

Medical iSight’s AI software is not only impacting the apex-of-difficulty field of interventional neuroradiology but is also designed to extend into other medical specialties such as cardiology and gastroenterology.

The demonstration at NVIDIA GTC provides a platform for stakeholders to witness first-hand the capabilities and impact of XRAI in enhancing medical procedures. Medical iSight’s collaboration with Magic Leap and NVIDIA helps further Medical iSight’s commitment to advancing healthcare through state-of-the-art technology.

An Inception member since August 2021, Medical iSight has benefited from resources available through the startup program, including access to technical training, product development support, and NVIDIA technology such as NVIDIA Holoscan, NVIDIA IGX Orin, and other XR solutions. NVIDIA Inception was also instrumental in referring Medical iSight to strategic partners, including XR headset manufacturers, notably Magic Leap, and forging relationships with industry-leading experts and venture capital firms.

Register to join Medical iSight at NVIDIA GTC, a global AI conference running March 18-21 at the San Jose Convention Center and online.

For further information, contact:

Medical iSight

Mark Edwards, Head of Marketing and Communications

+ 44 7801 480 322

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