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Medical iSight (UK) Ltd awarded £1.3m grant to complete development and trials for ground-breaking Stroke & Aneurysm treatment software

Medical iSight (UK) Ltd (‘MiS’), the developer of intra-operative Extended Reality (‘XR’) software for complex vascular procedures, is pleased to announce allocation by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (‘NIHR’) of an Invention for Innovation Product Development Award totalling £1.3m.

The current focus for MiS is pioneering ground-breaking 3D visualisation and catheter guidance software to improve interventional safety, accuracy and outcomes for Stroke and Aneurysm patients.

Mechanical Thrombectomy (‘MT’) is the newest and most effective treatment for Ischaemic Stroke (85% of all Strokes are Ischaemic - caused by a clot). However, MT procedures can be protracted and the longer the procedure, the greater the risk of death or disability. Currently, 15% of MTs experience a significant complication (potentially resulting in death or disability).

With this grant award, MiS aims to deliver software that significantly enhances the MT procedure and reduces associated time and safety issues for patients and clinicians.

Paid over 30 months, the grant will fund MiS’s research and development costs through to product completion.

Commenting on the award, Medical iSight CEO, Justin Hall-Tipping, said: “We want to thank the NIHR for backing us with this grant. We are aware that the Product Development Award is highly coveted and strongly contested with only around 12% of applications being successful. However, we are delighted that the panel of experts agree that our technology could transform the way Interventionalists perform Mechanical Thrombectomy, thereby saving more lives and reducing disability.”


A Stroke is caused by a blood clot or bleed in the brain and can lead to permanent neurological damage, complications and sometimes death. Over 100,000 people suffer from Stroke in the UK every year and there are 1.3m Stroke survivors in the UK. The incidence of Stroke is forecast to increase by 60% by 2035. In the UK it costs the Government £26bn a year in treatment, care and lost earnings.

MiS has gained UKCA Mark approval for earlier versions of the software which focuses on 3D visualisation of organs and vessels inside the body. This technology was featured in the award-winning 2022 BBC2 six-part documentary series “Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway”.

For Further Information, contact:

Mark Edwards

Director Marketing and Communications, Medical iSight

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